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Where to Find

I like visiting interesting historical places. Do you offer tours?

Absolutely, every year the SHFS offers great bus tours to many historical sites. Click here for more information about our tours.

I’m a Saskatchewan history buff who loves a good story. Do have a magazine?

Folklore Magazine is published quarterly and written contributions are welcomed. Click here to learn more about our Folklore Magazine.

I grew up on a farm in the 1940’s. Do you have any photos from that period?

Our Baker Slide Collection has over 10,000 images of Saskatchewan life from the 1940s to the 1970s. Who knows, you might even find yourself there. Click here to find out more about the comprehensive Baker Slide Collection.

Is it true you have a collection of audio interviews and stories from pioneers and other interesting people? 

Yes we do. They are fascinating. Got a moment? Click here to have a listen!

What are the benefits of becoming an SHFS member?

You receive 4 issues of Folklore Magazine, reduced fares on tours, access to valuable resources, funding and more. Click here for membership information.

Do you have any events coming up where I can learn more about the SHFS?

Every year we hold a Presidents Dinner and a Conference with a special guest speaker. Click here to learn about this year’s event.

What programs does the SHFS have for people who want to help preserve Saskatchewan’s history?

We offer educational awards, funding, a historical registry, historical markers, and more. Click here for detailed information about the support we provide within the community.

How can I share a historical story with other visitors to your website?

Click here to go to our Forum page and leave your information in the comment section. We thank you for sharing your stories!

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