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History Markers

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Local Historical Marker Program

Often the common history of a community or area is not formally recognized. Through the Local History Marker Program, SHFS seeks to partner with groups and organizations to preserve an areas historical significance by erecting historical markers.

Who may Apply

Any group, organization or individual with a historical story, be it about natural or human events, are eligible to apply for the grant. Those applying for the grant are required to submit the desired text for the plaque.

Currently, schools, churches and cemeteries are well represented by SHFS markers. Consequently, applications for these types of projects are considered only if the project is unique to Saskatchewan. For projects of great significance to the province, SHFS is willing to sponsor the entire cost of a plaque.


  • Stories involving an individual, the individual must be deceased and his or her story must be at least 25 years old
  • When any individual is named in a story, his or her full name should be used instead of the individual’s initials
  • Stories involving local institutions that have ceased to operate or exist, should outline more than the institution’s duration, for example, its significance to the community
  • All submissions require appropriate documentation
  • Primary sources are preferred (i.e. photocopies of registers, minutes, photographs, diaries, land titles, maps, newspaper clippings, etc.)
  • Photocopies from local history books are not accepted unless details are supported by photocopies from primary documents
  • Research is the applicant’s responsibility
  • The text on the plaque should be written from a social perspective explaining how people in the community or the province at large were affected by the story’s subject
  • the SHFS reserves the right to recommend alternate wording for the marker text
  • a detailed description of the location must accompany the application
  • SHFS requires a photograph of the plaque, once it has been installed
  • applicants are encouraged to have clear public access to their marker
  • applicants, or another designated body, should carry out regular maintenance of the site

What does the Plaque look like?
Plaque is made of cast aluminum or bronze metal – 18″ wide x 24″ tall. Average length of text is 110 words. The inscription is in uppercase, raised silver letters against a glossy black painted background. SHFS logo and name are at the top of the plaque with SHFS mandate statement at the bottom.

The application deadline each year is February 28th. To avoid a delay in processing, please ensure all required information is included. Plaques will arrive approximately four months from the initial approval of the application. Rush orders cannot be guaranteed.

Payment & Billing:

Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society, Inc. initially pays the entire cost of the plaque. Once the foundry confirms the plaque has been shipped, applicants are billed $400, which represents their portion of the cost.Applicants should outline in their initial request the funds available to support their portion of the plaque cost, including installations and long term maintenance.

Click to print an application for the History Marker Program.

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