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About Us

Cattle and calves range near Divide


Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society recognizes that historic and contemporary practices, values, and beliefs are linked in a continuum of past, present, and future.

Saskatchewan’s communities are strengthened by their shared histories and folklore – the living traditions and historical knowledge passed between and within generations.

Sharing stories and histories promotes intercultural understanding, respect, and a sense of belonging in communities.


Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society delivers programs and activities to enable, inspire and celebrate the investigation and sharing of historical and folkloric knowledge in Saskatchewan.

We nurture respect for diversity by facilitating the links between historical and contemporary stories and intercultural understanding.

Strategic Plan 2016-2019

For more information on the planned direction for our organization, please see our Strategic Plan.

Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society 2016 to 2019 Strategic Plan – Brochure

Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society 2016 to 2019 Strategic Plan

Join Us!

The Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society, Inc. is an enthusiastic group of people undertaking the rewarding role of helping to define and understand our shared heritage and culture. Join us today! Click here for a printable Membership Form.

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