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Story Summaries

Folklore -  Winter 2013-14

“Coyote Conference”” by Keith Foster
“A Poor Trade” by Jean F. Fahlman
“First Winter in Town” by Margaret Anderson


“Why I Love Saskatchewan – Part 1” by Beryl Forgay
Arriving in Regina from Vancouver in January 1951, Mrs. Forgay tells of her first impressions of the city, her first days of work and how her boss managed Beryl’s need for medical isolation for the mumps during the city’s influenza epidemic.

“Chimney Smoke Heralds Christmas on the Farm” by Victor Carl Friesen
Mr. Friesen recounts how he tried to maintain the family tradition of Christmas Day at the family farm despite poor roads, a plugged flue, varmints and well meaning neighbours.

“Fort Pelly and a Memorable 1904 New Year’s Celebration” by Therese Lefebvre Prince
For three days and nights, trader E.A.W.R. Mackenzie hosted ranchers and Natives in the area to welcome the new year with feast, dancing and bagpipes.

“Christmas: My Parents’ First and Last Together” by Peggy Hayes Looby
In 1918 Bill Hayes was unknowingly hand selected to billet with the Eisenkramer family in a tiny German village. Lieutenant Hayes met Frauline Hedwig there and sharing Christmas lead to their wedding and farm life in Saskatchewan. Their romance lasted for almost 40 years.

“’There She Goes:’ Sputnik Over Saskatchewan” by Bev Lundahl
The author, her family and neighbours sat in a darkened farmyard to witness the passing of the first satellite in Earth’s atmosphere. As a child, Ms Lundahl also remembers other details of that night and other space craft that came in later years.

“Clarence Campbell: Saskatchewan Hockey Pioneer” by Darlene Kidd
For eight years Mr. Campbell lived as a youngster in Macklin. Ms Kidd outlines Mr. Campbell’s career before and with hockey and his influence in all of his stages of life.

“Separating Cream: Hard Work and Gentler Times” by Judy Revoy
Growing up on a farm located between Marean Lake and Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, Ms Revoy recounts how yard chores were her and her sibling’s responsibility. One of the chores was milking cows by hand and churning cream, which varied whether it was winter or summer.

“Winter Football” by Carl A. Kraus
School recess was a time when students didn’t need to be told how to play outdoor games. Winter football was invented by the students of Ebenfeld School No. 484 and it combined the best of soccer and hockey.

“The Joys of Farming” by Ruth Jeeves
As a born and raised ‘city kid’, Mrs. Jeeves had to adapt to farm life without electricity and plumbing and learn quickly how to handle new bovine mothers with calfs. Now retired and living in a local town, Mrs. Jeeves has no desire to return to city living.

The Family Herald: a Canadian Christmas Tradition” by Susan Conley
Mrs. Conley makes the assertion that The Family Herald magazine did more for establishing Yuletide traditions than any other publication. She supports her argument with many examples from her own family’s Christmas celebrations.

Book Reviews:
The Sailor and the Christmas Trees: A True Story by Deana Driver
Regina’s Warehouse District: Bricks and Mortar – Pride and Passion edited by R. Wood, S. Howell, R. Herrington and J. Ralko

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