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Story Summaries

Folklore contents – Winter 2014-15

Editorial Comments:

Folklore Editor Jessica DeWitt mentions that an editorial challenge is to draw connections between disparate topics. Jessica demonstrates the claim that human experience connects us all. She does this by showing links about food, immigration, Indigenous-Newcomer relations, school age years and how people interact with their environments.


“Throw-Away People” by Margaret Anderson
“To Do List” by Andrea Lawrence
“Then and Now” by Keith Foster
“Ode to Winter Trees” by Marilyn Paul
“Never Never Land” by Andrea Lawrence


Featured Photographs:  1924 Native Pageant, Qu’Appelle by Andrea Lawrence
Bert and Bess Campbell lived in Bengough. Their free time was spent at their B-Say-Tah Point cottage. The featured photographs are about a celebration to honour Father Hugonard.

“Incidentally, the good old days never existed.” by Amy Jo Ehman
Garnering comments from an early 1950s survey on pioneer diet, Ms Ehman takes the false romance away from homesteading. Using food and food production as a lens, she remarks on Saskatchewan’s developmental history through various ethnic groups and settlements.

“African Residents of Saskatchewan: a Long and Proud History of Enterprise and Freedom” by Ebele Mogo
Like most immigrants, Black people came to Canada in search of better socio-economic conditions for themselves and their children. They left discrimination and racism in the States to encounter the same in Saskatchewan. Persevering, the settlers contributed to the growth of our province and why many Black communities in Canada have roots in Saskatchewan.

“Did They Become Scientists?” by Lois Borland Lee
Ms Lee wonders if the boys that rigged a Connaught school room communication system (involving wire, Aspirin tins and thumbtacks) became inventors or scientists in their adult lives.

“Once Upon Saskatoon’s First Suburb: A Brief History of Mayfair & Kelsey Woodlawn” by Shannon McAvoy
Ms McAvoy explains the unique layout of this first suburb, prominent people, businesses and other features of the area.

“1948 Air Ambulance” by Lois Gibson
Ms Gibson shares her experience with the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance service and her particular family situation at the time.

“Why I Love Saskatchewan – Part 5” by Beryl Forgay
Demonstrating the value of good nutrition took Mrs. Forgay to many country schools and to romance, courtesy of guinea pigs!

“Fun on the Farm” by Edgar Martin
Before the advent of electronic entertainments, Mr. Martin details how ‘outside’ provided more than enough amusements.

Book Reviews:

Looking for Aiktow: Stories Behind the History of the South Saskatchewan River by Joan Soggie
The Rawhide Homesteader by Scott Henders


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