SHFS Oral History Collection

Our Oral History Collection is now digital!

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the SHFS collected over 150 oral history interviews with people from over forty global ethnicities, and Indigenous people (Métis and Cree). Cultures, traditions and topics include: Austrian, Bahá’í, Belgian, British, Canadian War Bride, Chilean, Chinese-Canadian discrimination, Cree, Czech, Danube Swabian, Doukhobor, Dutch, Salvadoran, English, Family history, Filipino, Finnish, First Nation, Francophone, French Canadian, French, German, Greek, Hollander, Hungarian, Communism in Hungary, Hungarian WWII experiences, Iranian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Latin American, Local music in Muenster, Mennonite, Mennonite living in Rhinefeld, Métis, Norwegian, Personal Genealogy, Polish, Quaker, Russian, Scottish, Sikh, Slovakian, South African, Swedish, Temperance Colonist memories, the Holstein Family Farm, the role of Cree storytellers, Ugandan, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh.

Please contact the SHFS office for a list of available recordings. Restrictions apply in some cases.