Become an SHFS member and join in the fun!!

Our membership consists of over 500 people and organizations. Membership comes with four quarterly issues of Folklore Magazine and a variety of options to get involved, explore exciting heritage, and shape the future of the SHFS.

Members can:

    • Volunteer and experience heritage hands-on;
    • Vote and/or run for the Board and help shape the future of the SHFS; and
    • Let everyone know that heritage matters to you! Each new member is a show of support for programs and services that help us explore our shared past.

Member Categories

Individual Membership
$25 per year (GST included), entitled to one vote at all member meetings.

Associate Membership
$25 per year (GST included), includes organizations such as historical societies; entitled to one vote at all member meetings.

Honorary Life Membership
May be granted, at the discretion of the board, to a member of long standing for significant services rendered.