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St. Laurent pilgrimage. Duck Lake.

Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society’s Legacy Fund

The Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society is pleased to announce The Legacy Fund, which provides scholarships for students studying Western Canadian Plains history at the University of Regina. The impetus for developing this program was the receipt of two bequests to SHFS. Although both of these bequests were given to the Society without any specific direction for the monies’ use, the Board of Directors used this opportunity to further develop historical preservation in Saskatcehwan, and thus the Legacy Fund was formed.

The Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society hopes that our members recognize the importance of providing a lasting legacy, which will assist in the education of our future historians.  All bequests that Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society receives, unless the will states otherwise, will be placed in the Legacy Fund. The interest earned from this fund is distributed annually in the form of post-secondary scholarships. Should you require further information on this important and far-reaching program, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society Legacy Fund Award

We offer one bursary of $300 to assist a full-time undergraduate student who is currently enrolled at the University of Regina. This bursary is made possible by estate gifts received by the Society.

Who can Apply:
Students who have made application and meet the following criteria:

  • enrolled in either Faculty of Arts & Science or Education
  • his or her major area of study is Western Canadian Plains History
  • submission of an essay about a topic of the Society’s choosing
  • academic merit

The applicant’s current and previous final marks transcripts must be submitted. The recipient will be selected on the combined basis of academic merit (50%) and a written essay (50%). The essay should be 750 words in length on the subject “Why is it important to study Western Plains history?”

Deadlines for applications are September 15 (Fall semester) or January 31 (Winter semester). Further information may be obtained by contacting the SHFS office.

Download a pdf version of the application form here.

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