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Row boat south of Dollard

Please Share with Us & Others
This space is intended for visitors to contribute historical stories and information about Saskatchewan. It is also a location for visitors to pose questions about the history of Saskatchewan and for other to respond.
We invite you to take part in a dialogue.
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  1. Ceejay #

    The Baker Slide collection is an absolutely amazing collection of images! Thanks for putting them online.

    April 12, 2012
    • Wayne Morgan #

      For further enjoyment get a copy of Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery’s catalogue of their exhibition EVERETT BAKER; PICTURING A UTOPIAN REALITY with excellent essays by Director Heather Smith and Brett Fairbairn.

      Also Fifth House published EVERETT BAKER’S SASKATCHEWAN; PORTRAITS OF AN ERA selected by Bill Waiser in 2008

      Both feature pictures not yet on the website.


      August 25, 2012
  2. Michèle Roux #

    Bonjour, mes grands-parents sont venus s’installer au Canada Val Marie en 1927 / 28 où ils ont reçu des terres. Je possède de nombreuses photographies de leur installation. Mon père qui avait alors 3 ans devait les rejoindre dès que leur installation serait stabilisée. Malheureusement ma grand-mère est morte 8 mois plus tard et mon grand-père n’a plus jamais donné signe de vie. Est-ce que je peux trouver des renseignement sur ses terres, et le parcours de mon grand-père (GUILLON Emile) dont je viens de découvrir la trace sur le site musée virtuel de la Saskatchewan; En vous remerciant par avance.
    Cordialement Michèle

    February 28, 2014
  3. Tyler Coote #

    What ever happened to the old style historical cairn located on the north side of Wadena. The marker was the old Saskatchewan shape green plaque mounted on a post on stone pad. The marker description was about Assinniboia district of the North West Territory.

    April 24, 2014
    • SHFS #

      Hi Tyler! Thanks for the comment. Would you happen to know how long this particular marker has been missing?
      Your description of its shape confirms that it is a Sask. Gov’t marker, not one of the Society’s. So I will forward your message along to the Heritage Branch with the hope that they can provide some answers for you. Thanks for spotting the marker’s absence! Unfortunately, some times markers and signs end up as personal trophies. Let’s hope this is not the case for this plaque. Cheers!

      April 25, 2014
  4. Yvonne Peterson #


    I am wondering if anyone could help me find information on cream prices (received by producers) in the 1950’s, as well as how this compared to, say, average weekly grocery costs? I am doing a bit of fun research on my family’s history.

    Thanks for any information!

    July 14, 2014
    • SHFS #

      The Saskatchewan Archives Board can help you with this type of search. Please contact them in Regina at (306)787-4068 or

      October 21, 2014
  5. Kathie Michalyk #

    Hi – I’m looking for information about the White Valley Lutheran Church near Shaunavon/Eastend and in particular Louis Johnson who was one of the founding members and my maternal grandfather. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Kathie M.

    July 28, 2014
  6. Steele Haughton #

    Hello. I hope you can help me. I am researching the history of my wife’s family. Her great grand father Eldred John Brooksmith was a professor of mathematics and barrister in London in the early twentieth century. He moved to Arcola in 1907 with his wife (Marie Louise) and his elder son John Douglas. John Douglas was kllled in France in 1918 (and is commemorated on the war memorial in Arcola I think). Marie Louise died in Arcola in about 1925 and Eldred John in 1932. We have no idea why Eldred John left a very successful career in London in 1907 at the age of 51 to move to rural Saskatchewan and what he did when he got there. He was a lawyer and may have left something of a written document trail. Have you any records or archives that might help? If not is there anywhere else you can suggest for me to look? I am also trying to find out where the Arcola Brooksmiths are buried: any thoughts how I might find out?

    Kind regards

    Steele Haughton

    January 9, 2015
    • SHFS #

      Hi Steele – SHFS does not have an archives which contains this type of information. The best bet would be to contact a member of our Society who is basically the resident historian for Arcola and area – his name is Adrian Paton. I do not have an e-mail address for Adrian but his phone number is (306) 455-2566. You might also try the Sask. Genealogical Society at, as they maintain a database of cemeteries within the province.

      Finn Andersen

      January 14, 2015
    • Adrian Paton #


      My name is Adrian Paton (born 1934) I am interested in Arcola’s history. Your information was sent to me from the Sask. History and Folklore Soc. There are very few records that date back over 100 years.

      E. J. Brooksimth and his wife (Marie) are listed on the; 1911 – 1916 and 1921 census, his occupation is given as “Barrister” on all three. No children are shown.

      Why he would have left London one can only speculate. The railroad reached Arcola in 1900 and stopped here for four years. At that time it was a thriving metropolis and all expected it to develop into a city. The “Town Fathers” and others were initially correct for from 1900 until 1912 when the world went into a recession all was great. Anyone your GG contacted would have advised him that the streets were paved with gold. I feel quite sure that he would have prospered. All this is only speculation on my part.

      The cemetery records show that there is a plot (room for four internments) (how many used not known) under the name Brooksmith in the Arcola cemetery. I visited the spot; there are no markers of any kind. Note there were likely wooden markers at one time; they have been erased by time.

      I have 2 documents in regards to son John Douglas however I am unable to attach them here. If you email me I can send them to you directly.

      Good Luck in your research. You can contact me at


      March 13, 2015
  7. Is there a phone number or address where one can reach you directly?

    January 13, 2015
    • SHFS #

      Our toll free number is 1-800-919-9437; or address is 1860 Lorne Street, Regina, SK S4P 2L7

      Finn Andersen

      January 14, 2015

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