Adrian Paton Travelling Exhibit and Teacher Kit


Bring the Adrian Paton Photos to your home town!
The Adrian Paton Travelling Exhibit is ideal for schools, libraries, museums, galleries, or other community venues. Developed in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan, the display features selected photos from the collection along with information designed to inspire people to reflect on the past.

Special thanks go to volunteer Teresa Carlson for designing and creating the panels.

The exhibit covers the following topics:

    • “Whose Story” – The development of a consciousness of diverse histories;
    • “Intersecting Cultures” – Cross-cultural understandings as seen in historic photographs of Indigenous peoples in southern Saskatchewan;
    • “Building on the Prairies” – Agricultural architecture of the southern Prairies;
    • “Working the Land” – Agricultural technologies;
    • “Teaching and Learning” – Transmission of knowledge across generations;
    • “Expect the Unexpected” – Photographs of the unusual in Prairie life; and
    • “Pictures with a Purpose” – Historic studio photographs of Indigenous people from the Arcola region.

Download the Teacher’s Kit for Grades 3 and 4!
The Mini-Unit can be taught with the Adrian Paton Exhibit, or on its own.

To request the full kit, contact us.