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Sam Allan's cattle. Bracken.

Oral Histories

In the early 1990s SHFS conducted 93 oral history interviews of immigrants to Saskatchewan. In all 33 distinct cultural groups are represented in these interviews. The primary purpose of these oral history interviews was to document the various ethno-cultural traditions, lifestyles and challenges faced by people experiencing major changes in their lives by emigrating to a foreign land. The individual interviews last from approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours. It is SHFS’s intention it have these Interviews placed on our web site as time and financial resources permit. The following are those interviews that have we have been able to enter so far.

Please note:
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New interviews: Added July 12, 2015

Topic: Finnish culture & traditions – interview with Walter Knutilla on May 30, 1989.
Transcript summary, not yet available.

Topic: Mennonite culture & traditions – Monologue with Kay Klassen on August 30, 1989.
Transcript summary, not yet available.

More audio files & transcripts will be added to this page. Please check back frequently to see what other cultural descriptions we can share with you.

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